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Relay for Life

Monday, April 28th, 2008

May 9th and 10th here in Gahanna is the Relay for Life.  Our church has a team of individuals that will be walking/running in the Relay.  Those of you that may not know, this is the American Cancer Society’s big fundraiser.

This year I signed up for it and will be walking one hour on Saturday as part of the team.  Each team is responsible for walking/running continuous for the Relay’s 18 hours.   We are  doing this on the Gahanna Middle School track and will have to be there regardless of weather, so pray for no rain.

Also, I have joined a team of volunteers to walk with recovering heart patients.  American Heart Association and Mount Carmel Hospital have joined efforts to create a program to help individuals recovering from heart issues get out and walk.  This is the first site in America and soon another Beta site will follow in Seattle.  Depending on how these two sites grow, will determine if this program will go national.

Right now we are only meeting once a week for a hours to walk, but if the program takes off then there will be more choices of walking times.  I hope patients and their families will find this program useful and give those who need it a buddy to walk with them.

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone! We got together with all the families for Christmas again, as in the years past we had a great time. This was our first Christmas with Soda. About a week before Christmas Rebecca was upstairs and i noticed Soda had a new bunny toy, her hold one has no stuffing. So I asked Rebecca where it came from and she informed me that Soda got into her stocking in the bedroom while Rebecca was in there.

Soda Christmas

The fence guys showed up and put some poles in the ground but they needed extra time for the concrete to harden, too bad they missed some nice weather. A few days later they showed up right after some rain and had to play in the mud as the put up the pickets. The didn’t seem to move to quick they finished three sides took a day off and came back to finish the rest.

It didn’t long for Soda to find the extra space in between the pickets. The fence guys left a slightly bigger gap in the rear gate but Soda couldn’t get her shoulder past. The front gate could have been her escape route but we noticed here testing it out so I put a rock in front of the wide gap. About a week later the fence installer came back for a quality and satisfaction report, we told him to fix the gap in the front gate and couple days later it was fixed.

Christmas newsletter is up

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Happy Holidays. See what has happened the past year. We hope everyone has a super Christmas and a merry New Year.

Terri and Peter’s Wedding

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Rebecca, my Mom, and I headed out to Minnesota early Thursday morning to Terri and Peter’s wedding. We picked up great aunt Toot outside of Chicago and enjoyed her company the remainder of the trip. For Rebecca and I it was our first time to the Mall of America which we visited on Friday. That night we had a shower for Terri and a rehearsal dinner, minus the rehearsal. The next morning Toot, Judy, Rebecca, Janice, Karen and myself went to an orchard on the east side of town and picked up some tasty apples. We headed to Peter’s house to finish up the decorations that Doug, Mary Kay, and Grandma started. With the vehicles packed we took the decorations to the reception hall to decorate, the to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. Rebecca and I took pictures of the wedding which I uploaded here. Its alway great to visit with family. Best Wishes to Peter and Terri !

Webpage 1.0

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

Web page is live. The domain tracyandrebecca.com is active. We decided to create this web page so we can share information and pictures with family and friends. Our picture gallery is up and running.