October, 2012

Cool Breeze September 2012

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Month started with a trip to The Works.  It was a fun trip and Isabel enjoyed the activities there.  We will go back again to play.  Then we had a Labor Day cookout with McCoys and Rayers.  It was a really nice way to kick off the month.  We meet up with Brett, Kate, and the boys for a day at the Zoo.  Nice weather, although the bees got a bit abundant while we were eating lunch.  Typical behavior when the weather starts turning cool.  We also spent an afternoon at the Delaware County fair.  Isabel really enjoys checking out all the animals.  She got to pet a turkey, rabbit, and cow.  We also saw alpacas while we were there too.  Isabel would walk around talking to all the animals and see if they would come to see her.  When she got to pet the turkey she just kept waiting for it to gobble, but it just stood there watching her and she even touched it on the head too.  Amazing watching how gentle she was with the turkey and could have stayed there all day with it.


We welcomed Fall in with a Farmers market and visit to a local Alpaca farm.  There was a baby alpaca just shy of one month there, but Isabel was more into the cat that would roll over and want to be loved.  Then the month ended with a trip to the local apple orchard and pumpkin patch.  We wanted Isabel to do the rides while we were there too, but she fell asleep and so we went home.  We spent the rest of the weekend just playing outside and enjoying the change in weather while it is still sunny and nice.