February, 2008

Old house

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

We have had about a dozen viewings of the house since thanksgiving and finally got an offer. The offer was ridiculously low and they were not willing to go anywhere near our asking price so the house remains ours. I suppose the market is dictating that its o.k. to offer $20k less than the asking price, the housing will turn around…won’t it? Back in December we had one of the realtor’s showing the house tell us that we had priced it $5,000 to high yet they didn’t submit an offer for $5,000 less.

A mouser

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

On one cold evening I was walking Soda, she was doing her normal sniffing around then suddenly she pounced on the ground. She darted her nose around and pounced a few more times. I heard a light squeak noise at about that time Soda pulled a mouse out of the snow. She dropped the dead mouse from her grip and we continued on. The snow had formed a show/ice crust and the mouse was moving around under it. Seems a bit cold for a field mice to be roaming about. Rebecca had the same thing happen a few days earlier on the other corner of the block. Today I noticed a dead mouse in the back yard so this brings the total to three field mice.