November, 2009

Faulty Treats

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Rebecca’s parents came up for a weekend and we celebrated Larry’s birthday. Both sides of the family showed up for Martins birthday celebration. Kate made some cup cakes for everyone.

For Halloween we gave out Teddy Grahams, Mini Oreos, and stale pretzels. Yes..stale pretzels. During the first lull between beggars I deiced to sample some of the treats we were giving out. I started with pretzels…tasty stale pretzels. We quickly quarantined the stale pretzels as to not aggravate any more kids. This reminds me of last year. Rebecca picked up some Halloween whistles to hand out. Around mid way through beggars night we gave a whistle to a 5 year old and as he was walking away his dad was showing him how to blow the whistle. Dad wasn’t getting any sound out of the whistle and gave it back to the kid to try with no success. At this point Rebecca decided to test a whistle which she quickly realized that it didn’t work and that we were handing out broken whistles. Two years in a row of handing out stale/faulty treats, next year we better get it right or we’ll get TP’d.