September, 2012

Spashing in the Sun August 2012

Friday, September 7th, 2012


Started the month is Tracy going to God Geek Squad.  This is a program our church has been doing with volunteers that are computer knowledgeable helping people with computer issues free of charge.  Some months there are many people that take advantage of this service and sometimes not too many.  Then the fun really began for the month as we headed south to North Myrtle Beach for vacation.  My parents were with us and my sister and her family all meet up there for a week of fun in the sun.  When we finally got to the condo we went out on the porch and Isabel grabbed her head then said “Oh my” as she looked at the sand and water in front of her.  It was priceless; I just wish I knew exactly what was going through her mind.  We also had a swimming pool to enjoy as well.  Isabel started the time with just wanting to play in the sand and swimming pool.  She did not know what to think of the ocean waves coming up on the sand, plus trying to get her footing at first was interesting too.  As the week progressed so did her like of the ocean.  By the end of the week she was running and splashing in the salt water.  She also went from sitting on the side of the pool to fall into the water to swinging her arms over her head and jumping into the pool.  This vacation was filled with first for Isabel.  It was the first time she went to the ocean, met her Uncle Ryan and Cousin Jacob, spending week with cousins, and trying so many new adventures.  While we were on vacation brother Dave watch Soda for us, special thanks for taking care of her while we were gone.  After that big adventure we tried to get back into the normal routine.  I was able to get together with a good friend of mine one Saturday while I was there; Tracy and Isabel went north to spend some time with his parents and grandma.  We all had a good time and met back for dinner that evening.  The last Saturday of the month we participated in the American Heart Walk.  It was a new route for the walk and Isabel really like it.  We only did the one mile walk since Isabel spent much of the time playing in the fountains along the Scioto Mile.  It was fun watching her enjoy the water fountains and such a nice day for it.  Then the month ended with us replacing our washer and dryer.  So quiet and does wonderful job.  Amazing how much difference there is in new appliances.   

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda