May, 2013

April 2013

Monday, May 13th, 2013

We started the month with some fun celebrating Brody’s birthday.  Which was a wonderful gathering and fun for all that made it.  Interesting month by having one nephew turning 3 and another later in the month turning 18.  This month did not leave much free time, but we enjoyed it all very much.  We made a few trips to the Zoo, Isabel even had one trip just with Granny and Papa.  We also started to visit Slate Run Historical farm to see the new animal additions.  Every moment we have during the week and weekends we have been spending the nice weather outside.  Isabel loves to play outdoors and so we try to let her run out as much energy as possible:)  She has been growing so much and now she has to watch her head or she bumps into things she use to be able to walk right under.  We ended the month celebrating Ross’s birthday and had a nice time with the family for the day.  One thing that is growing with Isabel beside her height is her imagination.  She is starting to tell stories and it amazes us how much detail she has for them.  My favorite one this month was how she squashed a spider.  We came to pick her up at daycare and she kept talking about stepping a on spider then kicking it and finally putting it in the trash.  The whole time re enacting it for us.  She also got some caterpillars delivered to watch grow and eventually turn into butterflies.  She has been checking them out every day.