March, 2013

Happy Hearts February 2013

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

This month seemed to go by so quickly.  Started the month out with a trip to visit with a good friend Katie.  We had a nice time to catch up as usual.  I took Isabel with me so Tracy was able to enjoy a weekend of “Me” time.  The next weekend I went with a girl friend to see Shen Yun performance.  It was a good night of Chinese music, dance, and stories.  Isabel had a Valentines party for her class.  They got little goodies to take home and some throughout the day.  Then Tracy and Isabel were able to spend couple days visiting with Grandma, Grandpa, and Great Grandma McCoy.  Then we gathered at the McCoy for some family togetherness.  Kids enjoyed the time and so did we adults.

Isabel is being more regular about using the potty and started to ask her teachers to go potty as well.  When she uses the potty if we are out everyone between the restroom and table know how Isabel is a big girl and uses the potty.  It amazing how many adult strangers will praise her for going to the potty, which makes her tell even more people.  We have fun watching her develop every day.  My favorite phrase she is has been using this month is “You silly goose” which she tells Daddy.