October, 2009

September 2009

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

We joined a Friday night bowling league with two other couples and rotate nights since the league only for 4 people. This works out great for everyone and makes the 30 week season less grueling.

Grandma Degroot was in town at the time of her birthday and we hosted a birthday party for her and Brett and Kate’s birthdays also. A couple weeks before the party we painted the kitchen a soft orange. Rebecca picked up and Sureline edge painter, I have seen them in the store before but didn’t have any faith that they actually worked. Well after using one I’ll never do trim work with a small brush again. Zipping around cabinets, counter tops, wall cabinets, windows and doors of the kitchen was a breeze. Back to the party, we had a great time visiting.

I was rolling up the window of the Civic but the crank broke and it stopped about half way. Not the actual crack but later I found out that the cable came off the track inside the ‘hockey puck’ crack mechanism. With some help from the internet and a service book I took the Civic door apart and saw that we needed a new window regulator, this is the track and crack mechanism. The next day we stopped by Roush Honda and got a replacement part, they had it in stock, then fixed it that night. The window now rolls up and works great.

I made it to three Clippers games this season would have been four if one didn’t get rained out. The new stadium is really nice, I overheard that the parking will go up next year as there’s a low introductory rate the first year. I think all the games turned out be losses but I did get to see Travis Haffner bat a few times.