August, 2013

Fireworks of July 2013

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Our first week of the month was spend at the Beach enjoying the swimming pools, ocean, and sand. My good friend David was able to visit us while we were there as well. Hard to believe we have been friends for 20 years now. We had a lot of rain the first part of the week, but it always worked out just fine. We went over to the alligator adventure on morning and also to see the tigers too. We got to see fireworks up and down the coast on the 4th and went to a big cookout as well with live music and games. Isabel was all about the party scene:) After that she kept talking about how much she was ready to party. The following day our newest niece finally made her arrival. It was great to hear everyone was doing well once she came. We came home from vacation and Tracy had to leave on a business trip to Pittsburgh for the week. While Tracy was gone we celebrated Mom’s birthday with some cake and pie.  Then went out to Buca’s for a nice dinner when Tracy came back.  That following weekend we went to the zoo and then over to the Wilds to see all the animals.  We spent the last day of the month at the park enjoying the beautiful weather.  We tried to get out as much as possible to enjoy this mild summer.

God Bless,
Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda