November, 2011

October Treat

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

We started the month out finding out Tracy pneumonia was cleared up, which is nice however all the coughing did give him a cracked rib.  Then we celebrated nephew’s birthday, it was a nice day and good times.  Had couple other birthdays this month, Ryan’s, Brett’s, and Dad’s were this month.  Ended the month with Mom and Dad coming up to celebrate Dad’s birthday and help with Trick or Treat.  We had at least 85 plus kids come through for it.  Nice to see all the little ones dressed up and excited to show off their costumes.  It was a month of fun and relaxation.

Isabel had her 9 month check up and was all good except a double ear infection.  She is growing so much and learning more each day.  She started walking this month and pretty funny how fast she moves.  Soda was not ready for it the first time either.  So far all is well between them ,but we keep a close eye on them both.  Isabel got new walking shoes and not sure how much she likes them yet.  Still getting use to the rubber soles while she walks.  She did go to a couple of the neighbors for Trick or Treat and just gave them the typical stare down (those who see her often know exactly what I am talking about).  However, she did smile at Batman and wave to him.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda