October, 2010

Good Bye Summer Hello Fall

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

We got together for one last Summer cookout on Labor Day.  It is always nice to get together with family.  I am now in my six month and all is moving along just fine.  Our little one is moving regularly and Tracy was able to feel her for the first time while we were on vacation.

We spent eight days in Oahu for vacation this year.  Check out the pictures in the photo gallery.  While there we meet Tracy’s Great Aunt Helen along with her family.  It was a great evening of wonderful company and food.  Also we went to Pearl Harbor, North Shore, Dole Pineapple Plantation, an trip around the island, hiking Diamond Head, and of course across the street to Waikiki Beach.  One of our favorite things to eat while there was the Dole Whip, a tasty soft serve dessert.  The weather was nice and we even saw a couple of full rainbows.  When we got home Soda was very excited to see us, but she was well taken care of while we were gone.  We had a pet sitter come and stay at the house with her and she did a good job.  Definitely use her again if we need it later.

We came back from vacation to have the record high temperature for the first day of Fall in Ohio.  Then it went to cooler temperatures and rain for the weekend and to start the last week of the month.  Tracy had to go to Pittsburg for a couple of days the last week for work, so I got to walk Soda in the cold rain.


Rebecca, Tracy, and Soda