June, 2013

May Flowers 2013

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Started the month out by supporting a good friend as she ran her first quarter marathon.  What a wonderful accomplishment for her and I was very honored to be there to support her that day.  While I was out having some fun with girlfriends Tracy and Isabel made a trip to the Zoo with Brett, Kate, Martin, and Brody.  Then they went out to a playground trip with James and Tommy.  So we all had a wonderful time.  We made a trip to see the farm as well that weekend.  Isabel got to see and pet a day old chicken and also some of the 3 week old ones too.  That day she informed us she still wants to be a farmer, mainly because she likes all the animals there.  The next weekend we celebrated Mother’s day by the three of us going to the Franklin Conservatory and watching the butterflies.  Isabel was so excited and even got to hold one for a few seconds before she decided having a buy crawl on her hand was not as fun as she thought:)  Then the whole week I kept hearing how she wanted to have a butterfly on her arm and see the piggies again.  Later in the week the three of us went out for dinner to celebrate Tracy’s birthday.  This month we also have been watching the tadpoles slowly change and soon they will be frogs.  The caterpillars we got last month have officially changed into butterflies and soon we will let them go.  We made another trip to the Franklin Conservatory and Isabel was just as excited as she was the first time to see all the butterflies.  We celebrated Spring birthdays, May has Tracy’s and Dave’s birthday and mine is early June.  So Dave hostessed the family gathering to celebrate.  We also had our niece’s birthday this month as well.  Memorial weekend we went the to Ice Cream Festival, but were not able to pick strawberries as they were not ready yet.  Then while Tracy and I said home to do some cleaning Isabel went to the Zoo with grandma and grandpa and then to the park.  Ended the month with Tracy and Isabel giving Soda a bath outside.  So it was a great month and lots of things went on.  Now onto June for even more events.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda