June, 2012

Flowering May 2012

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012


This month was filled with many activities for us.  Started out with Isabel getting her first hair cut (only her bangs).  Her hair was always in her eyes and she would not leave in any hair pieces to help.  On the first Saturday I had a Trustee work day on a nice  morning it was to weed and clean up the church grounds.  I helped put out 20 bags of mulch and several bag of weeds removed.  As a group we put out a total of 150 bags of mulch and cleaned numerous flower beds and yard work.  Then a Get Yer Happy On show starring Sandy Pattiand Pasty Clairmont.  The next weekend Grandma and Grandpa Rayer visiting for a night before they heading to NC to visit with my sister and her family.  Then Grandma Judy watchedIsabel while Tracy and I went out for a work bowling afternoon.  Grandma and Isabel seemed to have lots of fun while we were gone and we had a nice time too.  Then we treated Grandma to a Mother’s Day dinner.  Tracy, Isabel, and I went out for lunch and picked up some plants for our house as part of my Mother’s Day celebration.   The following weekend we made a trip to Chillicothe to deliver Grandma’s Mother’s Day gift and Sunday we celebrated the Spring birthdays for the McCoy group.  We all meet up at a local park and then after a nice bit of play time went out for dinner.  The last weekend of the month we went to the Ice Cream Festival and before going there stopped by an orchard to pick fresh strawberries.  Isabel really was getting into picking strawberries.  Next day we went to the Zoo and left one day for swimming and rest at home.  What a wonderful month of gatherings and nice weather to enjoy the outdoors.  On to another month.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda.