September, 2011

Vacation Time August 2011

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

  August started out with us going in different directions.  Isabel and I went to the Ross County Fair while Tracy went north for a remote airplane show.  Having been part of the fair so long we still have many friends there which made Isabel’s experience so much fun.  She was able to pet a rabbit, duck, show pigeon, goat, sheep, cow, and miniature donkey.  She also got her picture on a Horse, which was very exciting.  She got on it and immediately grabbed the saddle horn then started bouncing up and down ready for it to take off .  While swing one arm in the air and hooting like she knew exactly what to do (of course I was holding on to her waist to make sure she did not fall).  The following weekend we headed for Gatlinburg, TN for a week of vacation.  Tracy and I did a couple of small hikes while Isabel and Grandparents went swimming.  Isabel went for her first swim in a regular pool during vacation.  At first she did not like the water temperature, but once she got use to it,  she really had a lot of fun splashing around.  We also went to the Ripley’s Smoke Mountain Aquarium which was fun for us all, Isabel even got her picture standing next to a penguin statue.  First family vacation and it was a wonderful success.  Now we know what to pack and what we can leave next time we go on vacation.  The month ended with lots of rest, since we both got some kind of viruses.  Tracy had to go to Pittsburg for a week on business, so Mom and Dad came to help me out so I would not get too run down with this virus.  Thanks for all their help I was able to rest and I am starting to feel better.