August, 2012

Cookout in July 2012

Monday, August 13th, 2012


Not only was it a hot one, we also spent a lot of time cooking out this month.  We started the month out with a neighborhood cookout.  Everyone had a blast with all the kids running around and adults playing some corn hole.  Then we headed to Cincinnati to visit the Zoo and stay at the Great Wolf Lodge for a mini vacation.  While at the Cincinnati Zoo Isabel got to feed the giraffes some crackers.  The Cincinnati Zoo had a new Zebra that we got to see while there too.  As well as a really fun bird show.  It was a hot day, but very enjoyable time at the Zoo.  Then we spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the water park at the lodge.  The next weekend was spent with another cookout with friends as we celebrated a wonderful job promotion for a friend.  We made trip to the Columbus Zoo and saw some new wart hogs learning to walk with their trainers.  Then spent some time in the Australian area and the primates.  The month was finished off with a cookout with the McCoys a very nice visit and fun for all.

Isabel had her 18 month checkup and all was well.  She was growing strong and learning each day.  She also officially started in the Toddler room this month.  She likes to tell us to shush when she wants to talk and to tell us more what she wants.  We also picked up a little outdoor playset for her to use too.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda