May, 2014

April Showers 2014

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Started the month out with Isabel having a stomach virus and we also went to the Circus, but did not stay long due to Isabel not feeling well.  That it was snowing/sleet then turned to rain.  Next weekend we had our Church Easter egg hunt at a local park.  It was a beautiful day compared to last weekend.  Then Isabel went to the Zoo with grandma and grandpa while I was able to get some work done on things I was selling in an upcoming Consignment sale.  The following week we went south for Easter in my home town and got to spend time with family and friends there.  It was another nice Spring weekend so spent some time in the park and played outside.  My parent’s neighbor have a little girl that was excited to have some girl time with Isabel.  She is the youngest of with three older brothers so not much time with little girls.  They played dolls, watched movies, and just had a nice time playing.  Tracy and I got to go out couple of nights to see some bands playing.  Pett Crow was a very good bad and some wonderful young talent.  You should check them out at  Then the next week I spent working the Consignment sale every evening after work, which made for a long week.  Then Tracy went over to help his Dad and brother tear down the basement for Kate so it could get some bracing to secure the walls.  After they were finished Isabel and I went out and pick up supplies for lunch and a birthday cake to celebrate Ross’s birthday.  We had cold, snow/sleet, rain, and finally ended with nice Spring weather.  Now on to May for another busy month and hopefully more Spring weather to enjoy.

God Bless

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel and Soda