October, 2011

Fall has arrived September 2011

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Well this month has been full of cleaning and dressing warmmer.  The weather changed and has been back and forth between cool and slightly warm, plus rain most of the time.  We made it to the zoo this month and enjoyed the nice weather for it their fall festivities.  Also, been slowly cleaning house to get rid of the germs we seem to be passing around to each other.  We have also made a few trips to a local fruit farm and got some apples and apple cider.  Very yummy.  Celebrated Sister-in-law’s birthday one weekend and then just relaxed as much as we could. 

  Isabel is growing so much and as usual is a blessing and bringing much joy and amusement to our family.  She is getting faster and learning things so quickly.  This month she was eight months old.  Getting around well and becoming more interested on other people plates during mealtimes.  She also did some art work at daycare.  So far she has make a couple of crayola drawings (not much to them), hand paintings (lots to that and took a day to get it out from her nails), painting with dotters, tissue art, sun catcher, and some sand art on paper.  She seems to really enjoy doing these things and of course she is such a wonderful artist. 

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda