December, 2011

Gobbling 2011

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

November came and went quickly.  The first Saturday of the month I had a Trustee work day at church and we finished up the inventory of fixtures, furniture, and supplies.  Spent three weekends going to some craft show that I normally attend each year and even a few new ones.  Took Isabel with me to a few of them, made for a long show since I was not able to use the stroller for the ones we went to in Columbus, but we had a blast and gave Dad some time to himself.  One weekend Tracy, Isabel, and Dave went up to visit with his parents and had a wonderful time.  Isabel and I went to my friend Shana’s and had fun going to a craft show close to her home.  We all walked there some got to ride in strollers like Isabel and Alexander, but Shana, Abby, and I walked the whole way.  All three kids had fun playing together after the show.  Isabel was very tired and slept on the way home from all the excitement that day.  The last weekend of the month we went north to have a wonderful Thanksgiving up in Edison and enjoyed all the family and friends.  This was Isabel’s first Thanksgiving.  She had a lot of fun with everyone there and enjoyed eating mashed potatoes with gravy and some Turkey.  Then Friday we had  lunch with a cousin in Pickerington.  Saturday was our annual cookie baking and this year even Isabel was able to enjoy the fun.  She helped roll out some cookie dough and cut out cookies.  Then she even put sprinkles on them too.  She was very cute in her apron and hat while cutting out cookies.  However, the hat did not last too long on her.

  Isabel updates she is walking better every day and becoming our little explorer.  At the end of the month she added another tooth  surprising enough it was a top molar.  Now she has nine teeth.  At daycare she was learning about pumpkins, leaves, and goats.  One day they had the play table filled with silk leaves and let the children blow them around to see them float. 

All for now.  God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda