January, 2011

New Year brings new Joy

Monday, January 31st, 2011

We started the New Year with a day of relaxing and preparing for a scheduled c-section on the 3rd.  Being prepared, by making sure we had everything we need to go to the hospital and eating up to the midnight cutoff the night before.  It is a long day when you can not even have water until after recovery.  Isabel Ava joined us on January 3rd at 1:32pm.  She came out letting us all know she was here.  One nurse even said welcome your 3 month old, joking since she was a good size little girl.  We were in the hospital until Thursday evening and decided to go home.  It was a long drive home, it was rush hour and snowing (roads slick) so the half hour drive turned into 1.5hrs.  The ride seem to be longer for me because every bump felt like a huge pothole.  Isabel did not sleep well the first night home, but it was nice to be in our own home instead of the hospital.  Being home was a bit strange not having some nurse come in every couple of hours to check either myself or Isabel.  It is amazing what you get use to in just a few days.

Tracy stayed in the hospital with Isabel and I while we were there and did not go back to work until the following week.  The 10th we had Isabel’s first doctor appointment she checked out and the doctor was happy with everything.  She weighed 9 lb 13oz and he thought she would easily be back to her birth weight in the two weeks.  When Isabel was two weeks she weighed 10 lb and 14.5oz.

Welcome Isabel

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Isabel was born on January 3 @ 1:32pm. She’s 10lbs-5oz and 19.6 inches long.