January, 2013

Christmas 2012

Monday, January 21st, 2013

xmas pictureWe started the month with a Christmas party for kids through our work.  It was a nice time Isabel got to decorate a cookie, do some crafts, and see Santa.  Although she was not going to sit on Santa’s lap again this year, we were able to get a family picture with him.  Then we spent a few days at Ogleby and had breakfast with Santa before leaving.  It was a nice time; Isabel enjoyed the lights, but really enjoyed the swimming pool.  I was even able to get a pedicure at the spa for a relaxing time to myself.  The decorations were beautiful and had the rain stayed away we were ready to go to the zoo there too.  However, we ended up going to the glass shop and making paper weights instead.  The following week we went to The Works and made glass ornaments at their open glass workshops.  That was really fun and while we did that Isabel was able to play and have lots of fun as usual.  Tracy and Isabel went out to celebrate Judy’s birthday and then on to watch Martin’s Christmas program.  I would have loved to join them, but was really sick at that time.  Heard it was another success for Martin and a good visit with the rest of family.  Christmas was a wonderful time and was nice to only have to drive a few minutes to celebrate this year as Brett, Kate and the boys hosted for the first time.  Nice gathering as usual and fun time for the kids.  The weather gave us some snow later in the month and just kept giving the rest of December.  So unfortunately we were not able to celebrate a good friend’s graduation party New Years Eve, but stayed home and warm for the evening.  Yeah for doing so well Wendy!

Isabel is growing so much everyday and becoming more into her own little person.  It is such a blessing to be a part of it and enjoy each day with her.  Tracy is getting very good at playing pretend with her as she becomes better at it too.  I love watching the two of them with the tea cups and play food and join in at every moment.  Tracy is also learning about princesses so he can play with her new castle tooJ  She is getting more and more into wanting to use the potty and probably uses it half of the time when we are at home, which is helping her more to know when to ask before she goes in her diaper.  Next month she will be 2 and we will have some fun celebrating that time with her.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda