July, 2012

Heating up for Summer June 2012

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

The month started by celebrating Rebecca’s birthday and going down to spend an afternoon at Slate Run historical Farm. Isabel loves going to Slate Run and seeing all the animals there. The lambs are growing and so are the piglets. This time they had numerous chicks to see too. The second weekend Rebecca has church work day for Trustees and we cleaned up grounds, weeded and put out over a hundred bags of mulch.  The following week we had even more help and finished everything else that was not completed on Trustee work day.   Then we celebrated our 8th anniversary by having dinner out. Our housing community has an annual garage sale and this year we put things out for it and did well. We also found a few things we could not live without too. Father’s Day was celebrated by spending some time together and relaxing for the day and of course Tracy’s choice of dining. This month got to visit with good friend and our kids got to play and have fun while visiting. Then we ended the month by losing power for about 30 hours and visiting with McCoy parents. Nice way to finish up the month especially once the power came back on for us. Throughout the month we had Isabel’s swimming pool out and fun running through the sprinklers to get some relief from the hot summer days. Isabel also got to spend time next door playing with the neighbor boy with his pool and swing set too. We had lots of fun this month and ready to move on to another month of summer. God Bless, Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda