March, 2009

Restless March

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Our vet decided that Soda needed joint supplements to help her recovery from leg dislocation. These drugs help prevent arthritis, stiffness, and promote general recovery. Within the first week we noticed she was back to her old self, after leg surgery she was hesitant to jump and cut much like an athlete returning from an injury. Soda’s recovery was progressing great.

One windy night this month I was awaken by Soda’s heavy panting and pacing in our bedroom. She starting digging in the corner like a crazy dog (no carpet damage) so I nudged her away from the corner and directed back to her bed…several times. Soda was shivering like we had see this in the past during large thunderstorms but this was more so. Another night she jumped into our bed with us, very unusual, and demanded to be pet, seemingly to calm her. Its impossible to fall asleep with a shivering dog next to your calf. This produced a few March nights of restless sleep for both of us. I tried to find a correlation between food scraps we give her and this nervousness. We don’t give Soda many table scraps so this was easy to rule out, so it must be the joint supplements. Well today we start 1/2 dose, the vet’s directions call for a slow reduction of medication over time till the 120 pills are depleted. Let’s hope 1/2 pill will take the edge off because my beauty is depleting.

February 2009

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

This month we wired the two extra rooms for over head lighting.  Tracy’s friend Dan helped out, which was greatly appreciated.  Tracy and I both had colds that took a bit of time to get over for us.  Now we are all better and enjoying the warm weather while it last here.  Still bowling with our friends and doing good with it.  That is about it for this short month.  God Bless and will update again soon.


Rebecca and Tracy