June, 2010

May 2010

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Another great month for us.  The first day of May Mom and I spent at W.O.F which was very fun and uplifting.  Celebrated Tracy’s birthday by going out to dinner.  We were able to take some friends to a Columbus Clippers game, it ended up being a nice evening at the ball park.  Then we got together to celebrate spring birthdays with McCoy group.  We rented a shelter at a local park and had desserts, drinks, and munchies.  It was a little wet from all the rain we had earlier that week, but was still nice enough to get out and enjoy the day.  In the shelter we even had some other guests, some baby racoons were nesting in the roof of the shelter.  Soda, made sure they stayed up there and did not distrub us.  Soda ended up with an ear infection so Tracy and I have been putting drops in her ear.  She really does not like it and makes it harder than it has to be for her.  We went to the Ice Cream Festival again this year.  It was a nice day and enjoyed lots of ice cream.  My parents were up for the weekend and we celebrated my birthday a bit early. 

God Bless,

Tracy, Rebecca, and Soda