March, 2015

February 2015

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

We started the month with some down time from any scheduled event.  It was nice to relax and not have to be any place in particular.  Next week Isabel was all about Valentine’s Day.  She made cards for her teachers and wanted to make Daddy some cookies as well.  These cookies were top secret, however, by the end of week she spilled the beans.  Then when we had them baked she continued by letting Daddy smell them, but not eat them since they were for his surprise the next day.  A very funny event watching the two of them smell fresh baked cookies, but not eating them.  I made a trip to my home town to visit with my dear friend Katie, it was a nice visit although the weather was not as nice.  The winds were fierce and the ice and snow made it feel that much colder.  The temperatures got so cold Soda would not walk long outside, so I had to break out her shoes.  However, I was only able to find two of the four so I had to go out and buy some new ones at the store.  When I first bought shoes/foot covers there was only one color option black and then pick the size.  Now there is every color or style you could think of putting on your dog.  The shoes helped her walk in the cold weather so well worth the cost.  The next weekend Isabel and I went to visit Shana and the kids for a spa day.  Isabel was so excited to go and get her nails painted with Abby.  Although the weather was not nice then either.  The highways were not cleared or treated so the only way for me to keep on the road was with the sound of rumble strips and guide rails.  I have never been on the highways here and at least one strip of the road were plowed.  It was a much longer drive then I expected, but we made it fine and then by the time I came home the roads were clear.  The next day with all the snow Isabel, Tommie, and Tracy played outside for some time.  While I did some stuff inside.  Finally month ended with Tracy and Isabel going to their first father/daughter dinner and dance.  Isabel had a blast and told me all about it the next day while we went out to do some crafts and shopping.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda