February, 2012

New Year old for a New Year 2012

Monday, February 6th, 2012

  January brought some new exciting events for our house.  We spent New Year’s Day getting ready for Isabel’s 1st birthday party.  We had her birthday party on the 2nd with family.  We had a full house and fun time with everyone there to celebrate Isabel’s birthday.  Isabel opened all her gifts and enjoyed playing with cousins and friend.  Tracy and I took off to spend the day with Isabel for the actual birthday.  We went to the Franklin Conservatory and enjoyed the green house.  It was Isabel’s first time there and she enjoyed the train and fish pond the most this time.  Now we have a one year old and she just keeps growing more and more every day. 

  Some updates for Isabel would be she had her one year check up and at that time was 30 ½ inches tall, and 24 pounds and 10 ounces.  So still growing in the 90 plus percentile and all is well.  She has been cutting her eye teeth and they still have not come in yet.  Also has added a few more words to vocabulary and many more facial expressions.  Then must have grown a bit more since, by the end of the month is now able to open doors inside the house.  She would try earlier in the month, but was still a bit too short even on her tip toes to reach the handle.     

    This year some of my usual get gatherings I would have done before Christmas got pushed to this month.  I spent time with my friend Katie one day to celebrate Christmas and Isabel’s birthday.  Had Christmas lunch with my lunch crew, and had an evening out with the ladies another time.  All and all it was a great time with all my dear friends and wonderful to catch up in person.  Tracy had his normal guy gatherings through the month as well.  We went to the Zoo and enjoyed a nice day there.  Isabel really was having fun seeing some of the other animals this time.  Since it was cool they were active and caught her eye.  One weekend we went up to spend time with Tracy’s family since his uncles and aunts were visiting.  Last weekend of the month went to a birthday party for Alexander.  Nice time and Isabel had fun playing with the other kids.

God Bless you all in this New Year,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda