December, 2010

Closing of 2010

Friday, December 31st, 2010

This month we counted down the time left while waiting for our new arrival.  The month started out with celebrating Tracy’s mother’s birthday.  Had weekly appointments to keep track of our little one’s growth, because the doctors thought she might be getting to large.  As it was my last month and our little one was going so much the doctors grounded me to the city for the last month of my pregnancy.  My friends came to me this year so we could spend some time before Christmas and addition to our family.  Wednesday before Christmas our nephew was in his first church Christmas show.  He did a good job as did all the others involved too.  Then the Thursday before Christmas Tracy and I spent the afternoon in the hospital thinking we might have our little one even earlier.  I had a doctor’s appointment and they sent me to the hospital to be observed with possibility of early delivery.  She did not come, but the following week at the doctor it was decided she was going to be too large and needed to be delivered by c-section.  So the date was set for January 3rd, 2011.  We went out for dinner and a movie to end another year and be ready for a new year and addition to our family.


Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

We got quite a lot of baby stuff this month starting with a baby shower that my mom held and finishing with a shopping spree to close our baby registry at babies-r-us. Shana, with her minivan, helped us haul the stuff from babies-r-us home and gave us some of her baby stuff she no longer needed…bottles and such. The house is filling up with a lot of baby stuff…strollers, car seats, bottles, clothes. Rebecca went in for an ultrasound before thanksgiving and everything is going well.

A large group of the family gathered for thanksgiving this year at my parent’s house, seventeen. We had a good time eating and visiting and celebrating grandma’s birthday also…since we were all there.