September, 2009

August 2009

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Hard to believe August has come and gone.  The month began with our normal routines.  Sleep, work, walk Soda, etc.  We were very happy with the weather for this month and now it is starting to cool off a bit in the evening really making it feel like autumn is coming.  Tracy and I went to Cincinnati to IKEA store.  We got a chest of drawers, desk, laptop desk, shelves, and storage shelf.  This all got home in the Civic, which we could not have purchased any more if we wanted to make it home.  Sometimes it would be nice to have a larger vehicle.  Then a had a couple friends over the next weekend, just a nice time to meet up.  The third weekend I went to a girlfriend’s house and we had a relaxation and spa night.  Ended the evening at midnight soaking in the hot tub.  Lots of fun and great conversations.  Last weekend I had a couple of parties to attend plus a scrap til you drop.  So after the parties I went to my other friend’s and worked on some projects.  Tracy had his regular D&D evenings with his friends throughout the month.  Sunday the 30th we went to the Columbus Zoo with my parents and finally got to see the baby elephant.  There were a few other baby animals to see too while we were there.  Ended the month by going to a Clippers game (Baseball).  It was a perfect evening to go out and watch a game, although ended up leaving before it was over since the game was lasting so long.  God Bless and will update again next month. 

Tracy, Rebecca, and Soda