November, 2010

October 2010

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

This was a busy month for us, but all of it good.  I am offically in my third trimester and so far everything is still going well for us.  Started the month out with a weekend of Baby Showers.  Thanks to all that made the two events happen.  They were fun and we have a great stock of items for our little girl who is coming soon.  The following weekend the baby furniture was delivered and Tracy got the shelves up in the room too.  We have been washing and organizing things in the room and it is starting to come together well.  Soda even has been overseeing the progress of the room too.  Any time we are in there she is too checking things out and finding her space in it.

Middle of the month we celebrated Martin’s 3rd birthday in the park, what a beautiful day we had for it too.  A bit chilly for some if you stayed in the shade, but good turnout to celebrate another milestone for him.

The end of the month we had a friend’s wedding in a State park in northern Ohio.  It was another nice day for that one too, especially since the ceremony was outdoors.  Congratulations to Matt and Amy many you be blessed with many years together.  Then three of my close friends wanted to do a Spa Shower for me with just us four.  After spending a day traveling the Spa day was just a perfect thing to relax me.  Thanks girlfriends.  Finally the month ended with celebrating my Dad’s birthday and doing a tour of the hospital we have chosen to deliver our baby.

Time goes by so quickly hard to believe we are starting November already.  We hope all of you had good times this month and update again next month.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, and Soda