March 2016

This month was very low key.  We did not have much scheduled outside of the normal dance classes and church events.  We did start looking into new day cares for Isabel since her current one would not be good for transporting her to and from school.  We made a decision on one and visited it to see what it would be like for her.  Nice and well organized for her and us to know all things going on at the center.  This year our church did a travel of Jerusalem to see the final days of Christ before he arose.  It turned out really good, we had guides and moved around like we were in the times hearing from people of the events.  It was detailed enough to keep kids attentions, but not too much to scare them.  It was a change from the normal Easter egg hunt.  At the end there were snacks and goodies for the kids to enjoy.  Month ended with Celebrating Easter in Chillicothe.  Another nice weekend and getting ourselves ready for Spring to arrive.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel and Soda