Spring has come 2011

March was filled with the last days of my maternity leave and Isabel’s two month checkup.  As previously written Isabel is good and growing well.  We also have been slowing taking her out places before I started to work since she had her first set of vaccines.  Staying in when the weather gets cold, but the few nicer days we have ventured out.  First outing was to eat brunch and Lowe’s.  We went to the park to walk Soda another time and walked through the woods.  Her first hike although she slept through it, but she will have many more to come.  The hardest part of the month was starting work and having to leave Isabel at daycare.  We are all slowly starting to adjust to this change and it will become easier as time passes.

  Some of the fun things Isabel is doing these days are laughing for daddy, chewing on anything she can get to her mouth, and watching Soda. 

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda