June 2015

The month was filled with lots of rain overall and seemed like all the weekends had rain to enjoy for spring.  Started month celebrating my birthday went to dinner and enjoyed the day.  Then we had dress rehearsal for Isabel’s dance recital.  It was a such fun watching all the little kids new to the stage how they performed.  Then they had a lot of enjoyment watching the bigger kids do their routines as well.  Tracy and I celebrated 11 years and went for dinner and a movie.  Next came Isabel’s dance recital.  After the recital Shana and kids long with all the family came to spend some time at the house.  Spent some time with Shana and the kids playing around for a bit.  At the end of the month we headed to the beach for a week of fun to spill over into July. Isabel went fishing in a back pond of our housing area.  She caught many blue gills and even tried to remove them from the hook.  She definitely ready for more fishing times.  Funny story was what Isabel told me she wants for her next fishing trip.  Not just to catch them, but cook them up because they will be yummy in her tummy.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda