August 2016

Isabel started a new daycare that will transport her to school when she starts later this month.  It has been nice to get all the daily report of what she is doing and how it is going at the daycare.  We got her uniforms in and all school supplies to start Kindergarten this year.  First day of school all parents have to drop kids off for an opening ceremony to bless the students and staff for a great year and then we got to take pictures of the kids as they left for their classrooms.  It was a great start and each day Isabel is getting to know her classmates and enjoying learning.  The class had an island theme and they did a treasure hunt to get to know the different areas.  Then they had a ginger bread man that came and kept hiding from them and then they ate him after a story.  We had a parent teacher meeting to tell us things we needed to know of class work and thing expected of us to help our children learn and grow.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda