September 2015

Started the month with a family cook out for Labor Day and meet David’s girlfriend Melissa.  It was fun and really enjoyed meeting Melissa.  We got the final cleaning and organizing together for Richard’s house content auction.  Then just one last weekend for people to pick up their items and set the house to keep the plumbing warm.  I got to do some more canning this month.  Also started a new women group at church which has been very nice.  We do a church study and then walk for 30 minutes to keep us moving.  Isabel started her dance classes back up this month and is enjoying the new class members.  Over all the biggest accomplishment was to get one of the things finished in Richard’s estate and moving on to the fall.

Isabel and I worked on scarves for the clothing bank donations   She had lots of fun making and decided we would do them for family for Christmas gifts as well.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda