April Showers 2015

This month started out with Easter in Chillicothe.  Fun as usual with family and friends.  Isabel started swim class and continued on with her dance class as well.  The next week we lost a precious family member Grandma Flo.  She will be missed and we have great memories from our time spent with her while she was here.  The second weekend we had a memorial service for Grandma and then Sunday celebrated Brody’s 5th birthday.  Isabel had a watch night for dance class, we got to see their routine they are working on for the recital in June.  That was fun to watch the kids enjoy themselves.  Then is was crunch time to get all my things completed for the Spring consignment sale.  It is always fun working and getting rid of the old to make room for new things Isabel will need.  Then at the end of the month my Great Uncle passed as well.  He was the last sibling for my Dad’s father.  Overall this month had a lot of things going some good and some not so good.  Isabel has been very excited about her seeds.  Almost all of them sprouted and she loves to water them and tells me in the morning how they have grown three feet.  Time and measurement are very interesting in our 4 year old mind.  Hopefully things will be brighter next month.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda