December 2015

The month started out with trip to Ogleby for Breakfast with Santa.  Also, a spa day for me and much swimming.  I even had Isabel come in for a mani and pedi after she got some time for swimming then it was lunch.  Isabel asked Santa for ice skates.  When we got some we had a kids Christmas party for the kids and Isabel got to see Santa once again and asked for ice skate and a wonder woman cape.  The party was the normal fun of entertainment, crafts, cookie decorating, and face painting.  Tracy and I started tours to some private schools to see which we liked to enroll Isabel in next year.  The following weekend we went with our neighbors to Santa’s workshop where Tommie and Isabel got to build a toy and see Santa once again.  This time she asked for ice skates, wonder woman cape, a dry erase board, and a Santa beard.  She told Santa she could laugh like him, but after a while her belly would hurt.  So she needed to have a beard like him.  We had a dinner night with the family and got to listen to Shoji Tabuchi performance.  Isabel enjoyed the music and made for a fun evening.  We got together with Shana and the kids to celebrate Christmas which was lots of fun kids all having fun playing and excited for Christmas.  I had my annual Christmas gathering with the ladies, although one was missing due to the flu we had fun and then I stopped by to drop off Grace’s goodies since she could not make it out.  The weather has been so warm here we even had a thunder/lightening storm on the 23rd.  We went to Christmas Eve service with out neighbors and then everyone came to our house to munch all the food.  Christmas Day was nice time to stay at home and Isabel slept in until 7am.  Next day Ross and Judy came over to celebrate Christmas.  It was a nice time although Ross was a bit ill with the cold that has been going around here.    Tracy had to work in Cincinnati for the week doing some unit testing.  I spent some time with my friend Katie and a bit of time with Tracy in Cincinnati before coming back to work.  One of my co-workers spouse passed on Christmas so went to the viewing, not something you want for anyone, but glad to be able to support him.  Ended the month with a lot of rain and ringing in the new year.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda