May 2015

This month was very busy and filled with all kinds of events.  We made a trip to the Zoo and it was a great day and fun to be out.  The weather has not decided to be warm or cold yet here, so we still had some days down in the 40s.  Isabel finished up her swim classes and is ready to take some more.  However, that will have to wait a bit due to lesson times.  Her dance class had group pictures and some classes with the older kids to make them ready for people to watch their recital.  Mother’s day was a relaxing weekend.  Isabel and I had been shopping and some the previous month to be ready for Tracy’s birthday.  When it came Isabel was up and ready for Daddy to open his gifts at 5:30am then told me to get the cake and balloons.  When I told her I did not have them yet, she responded with “What kind of birthday is the Mom, no cake for breakfast”.  So while I was picking those things up on my lunch hour, I received a call to go be with my cousin.  He was passing and wanting Mom and I to be with him before he left.  So I set with him for the afternoon and Mom was with him when he passed that evening.  He was a great person and I have many fond memories and will miss him much.  Our church had their annual Church is a Verb day and Isabel and I went to the nursing home to help with BINGO.  She keeps talking about wanting to go back.  She had lots of fun helping and the people there loved seeing her as well.  The church has many things/places we go that day and over all it was a successful event.  So the next week was another funeral for us.  Then is was the Ice Cream Festival and Spring birthday celebration.  There will be many things to going on next month as well and looking forward to them.  We planted the plants we grew from seed outside this month and they are doing well.  We also planted some popcorn and so far have 4 starts.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda