July with a Bang 2015

Beginning of the month was at the beach with my sister and her family.  It was a nice time and weather was good while we were there.  Isabel was very into playing in the ocean.  We even went down to Pauley’s Island for the day.  Ate a nice restaurant and just had a great time.  We started another round of swim lesson again for Isabel at the end of the month for Isabel.  She really enjoys water time and is learning more and more for swimming.  Celebrated Mom’s birthday, a bit strange with Richard gone since they have shared that day together and always talked on their birthday.  Spent some time cleaning out Richard’s house as well this month and rented a dumpster that was filled within a day.  Thanks to all the helped with the first major clean out.  There is still plenty more to go through, but it was a big difference.  Will get another one later as we keep cleaning.  I started my canning for the season.  So far the shelves are stocked with some blackberry pie filling, peach pie filling, blackberry jam, and raspberry peach jam.  Also froze some of the zucchini out of our garden as well.  Isabel’s garden really took off with all the rain we have had and we look forward to all the produce that will come from it.  The Sunflower are so large you feel that you are in some kind of fairy land.  The local racoons decided our popcorn was just to tasty to leave alone.  We thought we might get a few ears, but another small chipmunk decided we did not need any popcorn this year.  So hopefully next year we will get some to enjoy.

God Bless,

Rebecca, Tracy, Isabel, and Soda